The Adam Craig Collection
for the Musical Society of Mary's Chappell (c. 1725)

From the Title Page:

To the Honourable Lords and Gentlemen of the Musical Society of Mary’s Chappell —

As you are Generous Encouragers and great Promoters of Musick, it is natural on this occasion to beg you Patronage which is my highest Ambition The following Collection being the first of the kind, and the Native and Genuine Product of the Country I flatter myself that the Countenance and Protection of so Noble a Society will make it generally acceptable and contribute much to the Benefit of

My Lords and Gentlemen
Your most Dutiful and
most Obedient Servant
Adam Craig.

Adam Craig was a music master in Edinburgh. He was an orchestral violinist and teacher of music. The collection presented here has been dated variously from 1725 to 1730. According to one source it was republished in 1759. [1]

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Adam Craig died on September 2, 1741 and left a Last Will and Testament that was only probated on March 5, 1766. The testament records that he had a significant collection of books; one wonders if they might have been books of music.

This collection has no historical harp aspect to it, but as it may be useful to modern wire-strung harpers as a source to arrange tunes it has been included here in the Library. Some of Craig's arrangement ideas can be taken onto the harp directly, while some of his melodic representations and variations are also of interest.

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[1] Henry George Farmer, A History of Music in Scotland (London, 1947) p. 293

Submitted by Cynthia Cathcart, 15 December, 2015.

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