Historic Harpers

Timeline of Harpers in Ireland a table with citations for harpers in Ireland, circa 1110 to 1700
Irish Harper Timeline Essay an explanation of the Timeline of Harpers in Ireland by Keith Sanger
Old News a collection of articles and advertisements from newspapers of the 19th century
Home Is Where The Harp Is The evidence for harper’s lands
Final Chords The Last Scottish Harpers
Harpers in Scotland’s Outlying Communities in the 16th and 17th Centuries by Thomas Brochard
Dictates Against Harpers Did Queen Elizabeth I truly order “all the harpers exterminated”?
Mapping the Clarsach in Scotland The Clarsach in Scotland over time and geography.
Neill Baine mentioned in a letter dated July 1702
Charles Byrne present at the Belfast Harp Festival (1792) and all three Granard Harp Balls
Patrick Byrne a brief biography of one of the last professional players of the Irish harp
Turlough O’Carolan as Poet best known today as a harper and composer, he also wrote verse
Young Carolan reference in 1832: who was he?
Pat Dall a blind harper in 17th century Scotland
John Elouis the last person to play the harp known as the Queen Mary
Mr. Fraser a pupil of the Irish Harp Society of Belfast
Dennis Hempson a letter of George Samson, the most complete contemporary biography existing
also see Building a Reproduction of the Downhill Harp, the harp that belonged to Hempson
Edward Lindsay enthusiastic 19th century amateur player and owner of the Belfast Museum harp
Mac an Bhreatnaigh, (Galbraith) harpers one of two families of harpers in Argyle
William MacAodhagain (william mckegane) 16th C Irish Harper who turns up in Scotland
Angus MacDonald mentioned in a documented dated 19 June 1713
Murdoch MacDonald of Coll died circa 1740
Ranald MacDonald of Cross died circa 1730–40
MacIlschenoch, (MacShannons) harpers one of two families of harpers in Argyle
William MacMurchy a poet, musician and scribe from Kintyre
Duncan MacInDeor Harper to Campbell of Auchinbreck (died in 1694)
also see Duncan McIndeor (or Dewar) in Final Chords—The last Scottish Harpers
Manus McShire, (or MacSherry) another harper with connections to the Robertsons of Lude
Alex Menzies died 1705
Patrick Murney a pupil of the Belfast Harp Society
John Moses “The celebrated Bangor Welch Harper” performs at the Struggler Tavern
Echlin O’Cathain born 1729, “the fifth best performer on the Harp in all Ireland”
William O’Ho[ula]han the harper who may be buried at Jerpoint Abbey
Arthur O’Neill one of the best known of the last wire–strung harpers
Transcript of O’Neill memoirs as dictated to Thomas Hughes.
Miss O’Reilly said by Patrick Byrne to have learned the harp through the Irish language
Samuel Patrick a graduate of the Harp School in Cromac Street in 1834
Plunket a harper employed by Sir William Fitzwilliam of Ireland
Valentine Rainey teacher of the harp in Belfast at the turn of the 19th century
Donald Robertson alias Clarsair entered in the Blair Atholl Parish Register 18th December 1750
John Robertson of Lude notable amateur harper, also linked with John Bowie
Robert Robertson sometime of Stralloch, also linked with Daniel Dow
Robert Stewart, possibly the Robert Clarsair Lude mentioned in the Book of the Dean of Lismore.
Mathew Wall a pupil of the harp set in business by the Irish Harp Society in 1830

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